March 04, 2009

Use the paces for at yesterday and walk for today

Use the paces for at yesterday and walk for today  
End and depend on the river quietly and moistly
Flow through my dream
Memory is from unconvincing to full and round
From happy to the disaster life
Miss it from groan to laughing heartily
Perhaps it takes all one's life
Perhaps only in the twinkling of an eye
Now, in sad that I consume in once
3 being lonely, seven fen lures
Abduct and bring into passionately devotedly

Night when there is the dream
What can not be regretted again by it
Thing in the heart of hearts
Only eyes can be in order to pierce to eyes
A slice of leaf in autumn
Clear train of thought wind read, understand only

What I indulge in
Road that passes by
Pile up by oneself gradually
From thin to thick
From thick to thin
It is miscellaneous not to have
Straight and clean

A road and another road
Pass by in the same way
The footprint here and footprint there
But there are different final results
Can you accomplish
So get mysteriously
It is false not to cover up
It is pestered that non- affectedly unconventional

The youth flashes
I pay off and remember clearly so far
Have your day
So beautiful like the silk
You wade the moonlight and come
Pure climing over your bright eyes of moonlight
Brush the sky of bright my emotion at once
Breath that the lip that the cherry is red breathes out gently
Fasten into a stretch of shine clouds burnt

Really no longer turn round in the youth
Magnificent smile
In front of magnificent tomorrow
What melody will be used
Follow your cheerful dance step
I believe that begin tonight
Dawn until tomorrow
Time to wander about leisurely from the colored sea
In this season
With the calmness
In order to sigh
Stating the sincerity of heart
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