November 30, 2009

Nutrition mistaken idea in TV table delicacies

Nutrition mistaken idea in TV table delicacies

Have a little free time vacation, can watch TV table delicacies program at too once in a while. See important, can find out questions come on mostly. For example, on National Day morning, some broadcast one festival table delicacies are made: Fragrant fragile thin pie.

Preparation method of pie this such:

1 with flour, salt, sodium bicarbonate, oil have and dough, rub fully, some time such as Tang;

2 meat filling is put in the cold water, boil and change color to pull out. The boiled meat filling of cold, make it will not lump.

3 pan put a large number of oil, in addition the end such as ginger such as spring onions, meat filling boiled to put fry fragrant, and chicken precise to flavour with soy sauce.

4 pairs of dough that Tang cross are made into the thin slice, pave the meat filling with oil on half the area evenly, each covers the remaining half above, make square thin meat pie.

A cauldron of oil is put in 5 pans, put the meat pie into it, fry and pull golden yellowly out.

Have a look at first, the first big problem of this dish of table delicacies - -The oil is too big, absolutely fatty high heat.

Having already put the oil with dough, this is for separating the gluten with the fat, prevent its toughness from being too strong, in order to draw into a thin slice. For let meat filling adhesion each other, meat filling and surface adhesion under slice, set much oil free come on, fry. Put into the oil cauldron and fry finally, suck much oil again naturally.

Deal with through such three, how much fat will this dish of table delicacies contain? Think about that knows, over 40% are not strange at all.

Then have a look, the second trouble of this dish of table delicacies - -Vitamin loses too much. It is mainly vitamin B1 and B2.

People all know, vitamin B1 is a kind of water soluble vitamin, it is very afraid of alkali, fear to heat at high temperature too. Although B2 is not afraid of very much hotly, are very afraid of alkali, will be up to the water loss. That vitamin B1, knead dough through adding alkali, has already suffered heavy losses in the dough. The pork is originally the food very enriched with vitamin B1, but throw away water when boiling meat filling, most vitamins had already dissolved into water and been abandoned. Then, that remaining vitamin in the dough and meat filling, is totally wrecked in the oil cauldron.

Add the sodium bicarbonate in the dough, on one hand can have let the hydroscopicity of the dough improve, on the other hand can let the wheaten food be loose when frying. But way this on nutritive value but speech, loud to damage really. The losses that it causes, are far more than boiling the porridge to add alkali. Originally one more time than the rice because of vitamin B1 in the flour.

Such table delicacies, just like chrips, though the mouthfeel is good, highly skilled, what advantages are there? While making, so many crafts of fee, consume resources such as the water and electricity natural gas,etc., have one unhealthy food finally, feel, worth, give a recommendation really always.

In the food is in the cooking and processed, some nutrition losses are the thing difficult to avoid, but rational processing can try hard to keep the beneficial composition among them at least, introduce some fewer compositions unfavorable to the health. And this dish of table delicacies, seem to be that run in the opposite direction.

However, see on our television screen, are such table delicacies still few? If Chinese table delicacies develop towards this direction, how is its future? With improving the goal of the national physique, really try to go south by driving the chariot north. Our TV media, especially the living program, exert a largest influence on life of common people, in this respect must be careful. Can't try hard, consider health principle while introducing table delicacies, should add one brief on healthily at least, let people know, which step improvement to go on, can be by reducing the fat content appropriately; Should let people know, some table delicacies only have a trial test once in a while, must not often glut oneself with delicacies too.
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