November 30, 2009

Might not the carrot fry with the oil?

Might not the carrot fry with the oil?
1 absorbs the carrotene of the food, it is not all right to have not oil at all.

2 will enter carrotene and other carotenoid materials in the little ball of fat of the small intestine, absorb effectively human body, must release come out from plant cell of raw materials them at first, appropriate heating treatment is essential. So, cook the vegetables by method that is heated, make the cell wall soften, the release content thing, perhaps even more important than to put more oil.

If 3 cook the vegetables softly, let carrotene can be released effectively, should absorb carrotene, might not need to take in the oil in a large amount at the same time. That is to say, if we are familiar with blanching the spinach, then it is cold and dressed with sauce to add a little sesame oil, can well absorb the carrotene among them equally, does not need to put much oil to fry.

4 take in the other snacks including oil, wait for in some time hereafter, will promote the absorption of the carrotene in the food too. Discover, new fat come to stay in the carrotene in the intestines can be waited until enteric, then form the little ball of emulsification together with fat, thus absorbed.

5 if the vegetables are not softened by the cooking, by growing the way of eating, chew only by teeth, absorb carrotene need more fat come help.
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